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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Odd Week

Signs that things are maybe not as they should be

1. Zowie finally received her confirmation letter stating she has custody of the crack babies, and will be receiving benefits for them. The odd part-- they labeled one of them as the case head and gave a date he was to appear for job training to obtain full time employment. The really odd part - The twins are four years old.

2. Fat Cat was visiting his best friend at the animal shelter when a call came in that there was a pony loose in a very urban area. The friend could not find the pony after several hours of looking. The odd part - he found a very large goat, that they determined had been mistaken for a pony. The really odd part - there was a goat on the loose in a very urban area.

3. My mother in law, seeing that we seem to be in tight financial situation lately decides we need more money. The odd part- she does not tell her son to go get a job, but finds one for me every evening and both days of the weekend. The really odd part - I am glad, we are getting really tight again, and at least I am doing something about it.

4. Our roof is leaking around the skylight. Which is not unusual, we have had issues before with the skylights, as they are large and apparently prone to being serviced incorrectly. We get several estimates, the lowest of which is $1800!!! The odd part- Fat Cat drags up a phone number of a handy man (Yes Fat Cat is very much a handy man but he does not get on ladders, and his ear damage is so bad that balance is not his strong suit) who comes out and fixes it for $260! The really odd part - We find this out a day after I accept the second job, because I was going to have to come up with $1800 for the roof repair.

5. Tank and Sasquatch belong to a car club that are having a very large international car show this weekend. Last year they had over 250 cars and are going to probably have 300 by the time today is over! The odd part- Tank has never had a completed vehicle in the shows he has helped organize for the last 4 years. The really odd part - All those guys and Angel is the one that gets into with someone and just about has a thrown down in the middle of whole thing!!!!

5. The Cake fest of 2008 - is complete except for delivery, the final cakes were strawberry cake in a cone with white icing and sprinkles, a chocolate hostess cupcake, turtle (4 layers yellow cake with caramel, pecans, and chocolate, topped with whip cream), chocolate layer cake with fluffy white icing, and the grand finale was crystallized angel food topped with a homemade pineapple ginger sauce -whip cream and a sprinkle of toasted coconut and garnished with an umbrella. The odd part - I actually completed the month. The really odd part - I am a little sad it is over, I liked the creative part of it!

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