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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Hole in the Wall

As hard as it is for me to admit, I get so down some times I just want to cry. But I may have stumbled on a huge cure. I sat down after all my work was done and flipped on the TV, and there it was! OMG! It is possibly the most hilarious show I have every seen. The contestants, clad in silvery wet suits and little colorful Devo-esk helmets, perched on the edge of a neon lighted pool while a giant wall barrels down on them. The object is to leap in flamboyant positions that are cut outs in the wall and not go into the pool. OMG! The holes are odd shaped persons, usually in some odd stances that I will tell you I have not seen since the sixth grade when I sat next to Russell, who drew obscene stick figures. OMG! Once they get beyond the wall there is a jubilant antics and instant replays! Oh, the commentary is priceless, with comments like “He found the hole!”, “He put it in the hole”. And all the seriousness of Olympic broadcasters, they tell us about their agility and the battle against the wall. Oh, and just when you think it could not get any better, you would be wrong. The winning team appoints one member (who prances about in delight) to face the wall alone ---- with black out goggles on! OMG! The others have to verbally guide him into position, which is of course just about impossible so he is hit blind by the giant wall and pushed into the water. Oh, it is a huge hoot!!! I have no clue how on earth someone actually got a network to buy this show, but it either had to be a lost best or some serious pharmaceuticals. Seriously, I have not laughed this hard at a TV show since -- well I do not know when but I am sure it had something to do with HBO and a comedy special. You cannot help but laugh!

Oh, the cake for today “Boston crème, is it a cake or a pie? Who wants some, holler I!”

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