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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Extra Crispy VS Original

Soldier went to the Ultimate Fighting Championships in Atlanta this weekend. Today at my mother in law’s birthday dinner, Fat Cat tells us all about it.

Fat Cat: Soldier went to the KFC fights last night.

I giggle and say, under my breath, ‘those are chicken fights, extra vs. crispy’

Number one: Those are brutal!

Mother in law: Those are chicken fights , they call them cock fights, that must be some new name for them

Fathr in law: They have cock fights there on base?

Fat Cat: No they went to Atlanta.

Number one: He went to a cock fight too?

Fat Cat: I did not know that, I thought he went to the KFC fights

Mother in law: That is what you said, isn’t it illegal?

Number One: No, they broadcast them on HBO

Fat Cat: They show cock fights on TV??

Number One: No, they show UFC fights.

Father in law: So who when to a cock fight.

Fat Cat: I do not know, but they sure should not have them on HBO, When is it on?

I just went into the kitchen and started on my cakes for the next week.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Who's on first?