It is my home, my neighborhood, and my history. It is what I am and where I came from. Embarrassing? Yes Boring? Never

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

H&R Block

Tank has to have his tax forms for the last year for his interview.... in the morning! Grrr
Since I do his taxes and obviously am responsible for anything to do with them, he informs me i have to get them printed out right away. although that sounds like a task that could be completed by say, hitting the print key or somehting like that, but that just would be incredibly simple.
I grab my lap top and since it is acting all nuts, I decide that if i just print to a file it would be okay and then pull the file up on the desktop and print it. (again i am lulled into simpledom)
I seem to have some sort of glitch that is preventing me from going on the internet, where as it turns out is the file that i need to print to a PDF. so i save to a SBU or USB or BUS or what ever you call this tiny chip. and head off with my rose colored glasses to the desktop (note, it is in the loft where the temperature is akin to the sun's surface) and figure out how to put it in this computer and view the file. Well not actually view because i can see the icon, but i cannot read the file because the software is not on this computer.
But that should be easy enough to load on to it, once i find the disk (note, i had not put it back in the box, i had not put it in the file folder in the cabinet, i had for some reason left it in my lap top, that took about an hour)
Load it up, and go to open the file, but i still cannot because the state form is only on the hard drive and I have to call HR Block to get it again.
there is an 800 number and i cring, but what choice so i have, i am now in a battle with technogogy, my lost youth and my body's endurance of high temperatures.
Now the phone is answered by a gentleman (i am like a reverse psychic. you know how they always say 'the persons name begins with J or T' and you give them a name and they say 'that is it', well i heard his name , i know his name, but all i can tell you is it begins with an R. reverse psychic.) so R manages to help me out of my state of panic and gets me up and running. I will not go into details, but i know all about his life, and we were on the phone easily an hour, and he is my new best friend. If you ever have a problem with your software, ask for the guy with the R name, he is wonderful.
and I then print it out, 4 hours (not an exaggeration) later.
I get the feeling I may be in another clamity spiral.
I call Tank and tell him, he is not impressed, in fact, he asked me if I ate his oatmeal as he needs it for the morning. I told him to go to the store. Grrr

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Now Fat Cat is stuck in southern Ohio where he was visiting soldier, broke down because he is out of gas. Now the gas gage has been broke and he told me "just use this gage here, it tells you how many gallons you use" - which was working fine until he realized that the thing was on liters and not gallons and then he changed it to the correct one for his nationality which then relieved him of the idea that his mini van was getting about 5 miles to the gallon and allowed him to push the envelope and see just how far he could go before he needed gas. Answer- 25.5 gallons worth of gas. Then you really need it...........brought to you!

What a day, i am leaving now for the middle of no where.


And now an earthquake in Ohio. This day is getting more strange by the minute!

Just sitting in my stall and my screen started wiggling, and my hand sanitizer fell over and I thought. This is odd, perhaps something hit the building. and for about 30 seconds i considered panicking and running through the halls and out the door. But i calmed my self down and realized that if the earth was not opening up with lava spewing that no one would appreaciate my sense of urgency. most people did not even feel it. I guess i am just hypersensitive, in tune with nature

I (Sp)am her Friend

The tone for the day can be rather odd, when it starts out with your friend blasting you with porno emails at work.