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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have Been Told the Complete Opposite Before

Okay, 3 people today have asked about the lack of up updates, mainly because when time chunks happen it usually means I am in some phase of disaster.

Really not the case, I think that I am actually punishing myself, not really sure why, but I have not been focused lately. Between the whole GM filing bankruptcy which trickled down to me loosing my dental, vision, and mental health care coverage. (now you do not have to be my best friend to know that I am blind as a bat and heavily dependant on mental health care mood stabilizers- here to fore referred to as 'don't kill the assholes around you' pills)

Then I have missed a loved ones birthday and instead of just apologizing and doing a whole belated birthday thing, i have chosen to try to make the couch a time machine and wish myself back three weeks (not working, still trying). I am aggravated at myself for not being better at my job yet, despite the influx of double the work, and despite the huge complicated foreign customer base, the 8 months i have been doing this are not enough to make me feel any more confident than I did 7 months ago. (Rome was not built in a day, but I am pretty sure it was destroyed in one.)

I have been battling both the cable company and gas company for awhile to no real satisfaction. (they had better hope I can still get those 'don;t kill the assholes around you' pills, because they would be first) I am totally freaked out about money again, (refer again to GM). And my time is not my own, I have my plan and then it does not come to pass, and I get so frustrated that well, I need the pills. Did I mention I had seven cavities filled (they are taking out the old fillings from my childhood that are slowly deteriorating and then replacing with new ones - work that was going to spread over the next two years, and now is being done in one week.)?

Plus, the soldier's wife and kids are going to be here for a week, which means lots of company and lots of work. No stress there.

Oh well, it will all just work out, it always does, but in the mean time, I will just have to cling the fact that the dentist told me I had a little mouth. Yep. Never have I been told that!!! Sweet, a positive item to cling too!!! Stop laughing!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maybe You Can Get a New One

Fat Cat wears glasses with a strap to keep them on because they rest on his hearing aids, that he has to have because he is completely stone deaf and seriously in jeopardy of missing me call him for a meal which he has takes out his fake two teeth that are on a partial plate that resembles a retainer, but drives him nuts when he eats. Before bed he takes off all his hardware, and last night said to me:

"My head is just a big prosthesis."


Monday, June 1, 2009

Less Wireless

- I shall return- wireless is down at home and of course they cannot get anyone out until Wednesday - URRRGGG!