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Monday, September 8, 2008

HALLOWEEN - The Gateway to the Holiday Season

We are buried under the boxes of skulls, various witches, and assorted eyeballs. Fat Cat is in his glory as it is the 'holiday of his people'. (I am not entirely sure what that means, but I have seen some of his people and a holiday where you wear masks may just be their favorite.) This marks the beginning of the season, and it does not end until 2009! He is so excited not even a minor convenient store incident could stall his good day ("It is the most F&^&^*&ing ridiculous thing, they mix up the diet pop with these stupid flavored pops, same color lid, same color label. What the F*&^&? They get you addicted to one then they keep sabotaging the choices so that you end up with some damn mango cola that tastes like crap and you have to stop somewhere else and get the right one. Why can't they just put three rows of the pop people like? Or make then different colors ?" He had picked me up a pop when he came to get me for lunch and he got a lemon one. Apparently a huge task.)

Oh, and for those serious readers, the cake for today is 'wedding cake', I carved little cakes made a 3 layer tower and covered it with fluffy white icing and decorated the whole thing with white sugar hearts Also silver sugar beads and crystallized sugar. It looked like a Barbie wedding cake! I out did myself. Then with all the hoopla over the getting out our Halloween gear and buying fruity pop I forgot to deliver them! What a goof!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are taking pictures of these cakes.

Also I was in Marc's yesterday and I think I saw the Halloween Butler you got. Very Scary.