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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Self Imposed Torture

I am still here, just chronically tired and feeling my age (although at my second job I am the kid!). Job 1 is going well , could be better but I am still learning and the frustration between not knowing what is the best way to handle things and what things need to be handle best, is a little overwhelming. I will get it eventually and at least everyone I am working with seems to be helpful and witty and appreciates me and my spontaneous outbursts. Job 2 is truly amusing, and some day when there is no threat of jail time I will tell you stories about government that will have you on the floor. But since there is the whole 'you can't talk about it' clause - I will just have to hold off - even the anonymity of the Internet is not enough to keep me safe! Fat Cat has been working on Halloween, and my house has been transformed into something out of a movie set, with a grave yard in the front and ghouls all about!!! OHHHH so scary. On the down side I actually missed church for the first time in a long time, and I have some guilt over that. Buster and Duke are missing me the most, they are joyous when I get home and cuddle close. Only about 4 more weeks of this self-destruction and I should have punished myself enough!

(As a side note- now that I have 1/2 hour drive between one job and the next Ihave become somewhat cell phone dexterious, Angel programed the speed dial for me - as I nearly wrecked the first time I tried to dial on the expressway. Although yesterday when I had the phone on vibrate in my lap and Tank called and I was not sure if it was being electocuted or what the hell was happening - actually screamed allowed - and never did get the phone call answered. And forget that whole call waiting thing, because there is just too much going on to drive and figure that out. But I have fallen in love with the convenience of it all, if I can just get the speaker phone to work!)

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