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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good bye, Hello!

Goodbye 2011
You have been the most stressful but magnificent of all years for me, I have learned so much.
I have finally realized how many great friends I have and how lucky I am they have not bailed on me and my chaos
I have learned that I have managed to raise amazing strong children despite my dragging them through all my drama and mayhem. They make better choices, and have allowed themselves to find people that love them and find their way to happiness. I sure did not lead by example.
I have learned that I am much stronger than I had realized previously, that I am capable of making major decisions and knowing that I can pull myself through life.
I have learned that life happens – and that if you do not find the silver lining in what you have been given, It is a miserable existence. That being positive in the face of it all, does work, and that if you can find a way to laugh about it, it will be laughable, and in the end, totally worth it. I have learned that no matter what I have been able to laugh at things, and find the humor – and that just may be my greatest assest. It is time again, to expand that – and make other laugh, hopefully with me and not at me!

Hello 2012
I pray for less stress, but with that stress often comes great growth, could be a slower growth though
I resolve to be a better friend, it is my weakness without a doubt, I need to let all of them know how much they are appreciated and how much I value them. Even though I cannot seem to get more than emails out, and a visit, well that would be way more than I can seem to get done! I am THAT friend. Hate that about myself. My friends have always been better to me than I am to them.
I resolve to tell my children how proud of them I am at every opportunity, they deserve to know that. So many of us go through our lives wondering what our parents think of us. I never really knew, I had to guess, but I want my children to know it. So they can move ahead with their lives with some form of confidence.
I have not had much faith in myself, in my own strength and my own decisions. Probably because I have not made very many good decisions, it had led to doubt. But I did make a lot of choices this year, and to my credit I am totally okay with them. Perhaps it is really time for me. I resolve to allow myself to do things for me but to stop obsessing with myself and all my drama
I resolve to bring back the blogs that have us laughing, to remember that no matter what crap you step in, that hoping around to clean it off your shoe is incredibly funny!