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Monday, September 1, 2008

What a Long Long Long Day

I have spent 99% of today being mad, and figure I am good for another 50% of tomorrow. I went to church (yes, I am still attending, and still singing - I used to be under the impression that those going to church were perfect and therefore I do not belong there, now I realize that you go because you are not perfect and it helps to make sense of things and give you strength - I know, I am getting it now) and I came in all puffed up with positive and get blasted by a negative spewing Fat Cat anger volcano. He is off on his ‘he is being taken advantage of’ binge again . I do not really want to get into the details, but lets just say - he is obviously wrong and I am torqued pretty good.
Trying to stay busy, so that I do not go into the kitchen and sharpen knives, I decide it best to just put all my laundry away (that is a huge task, I can get it washed, I can get it dried, I can even get it folded, but it stagnates in that position, never to go where it belongs). I also cleaned out a huge chest (where I found I had stuffed a huge picture of my father that had made me burst into tears during a raging hormonal episode- I forgot I had put it there and set it out now) then I cleaned out the linen cupboard and pitched a bunch of sheets that really had long out lived their usefulness (there are not even any double beds in my house and I had 6 sets of old sheets !!) . This took most of my day, dotted with calls Soldier (he had lost it last night and sat outside with a sword- he is not allowed to have guns for a time period after return from war- and kept watch until daylight) and from telemarketers who are my only true friends.
I also began Cake Fest 2008, for my mother in law (wait, that would be for Fat Cat’s Mother’s birthday, hmmm, I wonder if taking care of his mother’s birthday is part of taking advantage of him???) and for one of my ex sister in law’s (it is her 65th birthday and she has suffered with cancer this year, and , well, I just plain love her). I have the month planned out and have most of the actual cakes baked (I freeze the undecorated cakes, and then thaw and ice as needed) . These are mini cakes, a little bigger than cup cakes, or cup cake size, I have not gone completely mad. The first 4 days are done and ready to go, I think this will be fun and even Angel said this could be really great (or ‘you could crash and burn with this one’ she also said, but I am trying really hard not to pay attention to that part. )
I am going to crash for the night, take my poor little dog to bed and cuddle with him. He has a swollen anal gland and it is making his life miserable, and today I totally understand having a pain in that area. We both need a serious break.

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