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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Would Have to Change Parties But ....

Dear Mr. McCain:
Here are the reasons why you should have chosen me instead of Palin:

10. She ‘can see Russia from her house’, I have actually been there.
9. My kids played football, baseball, and were in band. American sports! She is a hockey mom, obviously too close to Canada.
8. I have not been to Iraq either, but I did send my son and he came back and told me about it.
7. I do not have a pregnant daughter! (But I have 7 illegitimate grandchildren who are really cute, and could gain me a lot - and I mean A LOT -of sympathy votes)
6. I have never tried to get an ex-brother in law fired, I actually got his lazy butt canned! Follow through, Sarah, Make it happen!
5. Although I do not have a Downs syndrome child, I do have several stupid ones, that may actually be considered handicapped.
4. My ‘First Dude’ is much more entertaining, and could be the Billy Carter of the McCain administration, relatively harmless yet hugely entertaining and often quotable.
3. It is easier to run a low populated state on a big budget than a big family on a low populated budget.
2. I would have never fallen for the line ‘I got a big bridge for you, Lady’

And the best reason I should have been the VP pick ---

1. I do not hunt nor own guns. So unlike a VP Dick Chaney hunting excursion, there is no chance my ambition would drive me so crazy I would ‘accidentally’ shoot your old ass and take over!

(Cake #18 - mini bundt cake - banana with walnuts and chocolate chips.)

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Anonymous said...

OMG! That made my day!