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Friday, September 12, 2008

Not A Great Day, but Tomorrow is Another Day

Seems Tank and his little family are having issues, and he is really down. My roof, which is only two years old is leaking. And I have to be at my 1/2 day here 1/2 there job for another week before I am moved to full time at my new job. I made linguine and clams sauce for dinner, and it did not turn out as good as usual. Soldier is getting home sick again. I spent a 1 hour on the phone with another of my ex sister-in - laws. My two nieces are making her a little crazy (crazier) and she just wanted to talk. Every time I talk to her I do feel the need to buy all my daughters flowers for being 'not that nuts'. The high light of the day may have been cleaning my future new office, which is just cute, by the way. A trip to the Halloween store and reliving the stupid hole in the wall show with Fat Cat. What has my life become??? And the cake seems appropriate.

"Lemon here, Lemon there, Lemon Every Where" luscious moist white cake, three thin layers filled with lemon pudding, iced with whip cream flavored lightly with lemon flavoring, tinted bright yellow and dusted with lemon zest. Mmmmm tasty!

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