It is my home, my neighborhood, and my history. It is what I am and where I came from. Embarrassing? Yes Boring? Never

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Angel is Engaged!!!

The Sasquatch has proposed and my baby is going to get married!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Time for Turkey

Just a quick update, Soldier arrived Saturday night (the only time I was happier to see him was when he came home from Iraq). Coach rolled in Monday night, after a leisurely 3 day trip from Missouri via every shopping outlet mall on the way. Fat Cat is on the verge of a melt down. And I have been informed that my little grandchildren are allowed to use cuss words because they have 'Freedom of Speech', I eat 'old people' food (I guess that is dinner that does not come with a prize), and there seems to be some confusion because 'memo, why do you want to work so much?'

They are leaving on Friday - I will talk to you then!

May your turkey be fat
may your gravy be lump free
And when you have a moment
Stop by and read me!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We are in Survival Mode

Soldier and his wife are not here yet. They were supposed to be here Wednesday, then Friday, now we are promised for Sunday, but we have little faith. The kids are stressed, they dogs and all of us are snapping at each other and without Tank and primarily Angel, I would have went completely under. Fat Cat is trying, and he has the night shift (the first two nights Angel and I got about 4 hours sleep while we were up with crying babies) but my day off tomorrow to prep for the holiday is a bust. I have to give the day shift a break! We are all missing too much rest and work! They owe us big for this! Too many years since I had little ones to chase!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

POST 100!!! YEAH!!!

This is my 100th post
a) I would like to tell you how wonderful my life is now
b) I am going to dwell on how boring my life is
c) get out your notes, this is going to get very complex even for the regular readers!
(answer C - Lord help us all)
Soldier and his wife (Coach - after the purse not a leader) come up to Ohio to assist her Grandfather (who raised her) after his house burnt down:
a) They stay will us, where there is an extra room, food and quiet
b) They get a hotel room near her family
c) They stay with her sister, the sister’s boyfriend, their baby, the boyfriends 5 year old son by another woman, Coach’s Mother (who is insane), two pitbulls, and the Grandfather
(answer C- the house does have 3 bedrooms, and the boyfriend does have a job, he is the only one)
While there they find out they have been bumped up on the move list and have only a couple more days to get home to GA get packed before the movers come and take all their stuff to Missouri, where the Army has sent them. So they
a) have to borrow money from someone with a job (me) so they have gas to get home, because their check is not due for another couple of days, that they cannot wait
b) decide they should leave their precious 2 little children in OH for a week with the Soldier’s biological mother who begged for them
c) leave some of the money they borrowed with Soldier’s mother, because she has quit her job yet again, and cannot afford to feed the little children for one week.
(answer a, b, and c : oh yeah, it gets better)
They leave for GA and get a call that the money they left for his mother, is not in the bag.
a) Soldier accuses Coach’s mother of stealing it
b) Coach accuses his mother of lying and it is there
c) they tell me and I get ticked they paid his mother to watch the kids with ‘my’ money
(answer: a, b, and c, see what is coming don’t you?)
They get to GA and the movers come
a) they call home and tell us that everything is going really well
b) they call home and we tell them how proud we are they are doing so well
c) they call home and Fat Cat tells them leaving the kids with Soldier’s mom is the most rediculous thing he has ever heard
(Answer C- let us recall that she bailed on them in April, see the posts from OZ, She could not handle her own children, see the who’s who post.)
And the next day, they call again - this time screaming hysterically
a) that the soldiers mother does not want the kids any more
b) they cannot leave GA because the Army frowns upon leaving the base without authorization
c) they cannot get to their children and yet again expect me to bail them out
(Answer - yep all three, I told you it was getting better)
Why is this such a mess and no one else can help?
a) her family is embroiled in their own drama because the boyfriend with the job, moved out, leaving the rest of them completely freaked out
b) his mother’s family, either are living with pedophiles or do not have phones
c) who else is there?
(Answer -Do I even need to tell you?)
This weekend I will have to drive (remember, Fat Cat is sans license) to Columbus and get these gorgeous little ones from their Nanna, and bring them here so that Angel , Tank, Fat Cat, and I can watch them until
a) Monday when their parents can get here
b) Until Wednesday when they have already went to Missouri and unloaded all their stuff into their new home
c) Until hell freezes over
(Answer - this is still undecided)
Soldier and his family were supposed to go to his mother's for Thanksgiving Dinner, and I was a little hurt they were not coming here
a) Soldier has now blown up at his mother, and may have to be stipped of his weapons before coming home
b) Number One, who had no clue his mother was even having Turkey Day is going to be a little bit amused at this latest tale
c) I should learn to watch what I wish for
(answer, What do you think?)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just A Preview.......

I have been on a Sudafed cloud most of the day, floating around the office, the house, and soon up the stairs to bed. My voice is just a squeak and tight. It is not a bad cold just a noisy one. Drama with the Soldier tonight, that has me a little upset. Can't even go into it. Get your playbills out, so you can keep track of the players with this mess! All I can say is if it were not for the tranquil effects of NyQuil, I would be actually freaking out at the moment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lucky SOB

So just when I am about to ring the neck of Fat Cat for all the fines and frustration over this latest escapade, some random guys shows up and wants his car fixed. I can't say for sure he will get enough to pay for everything, but at least a chunk of it. So the garage is full of a car and stuff to fx it, Tank, of course, is helping (sidebar - seems Tank and his girlfriend are on the 'outs' - he is drowning is pain with a seriously nasty addiction to Reeses Cups. There are wrappers every where, in his Jeep, his room, the bathroom, and in his laundry. Could be worse.) Well, the money is not in hand yet, I am, as usual, holding my breath. In my constant search for the silver lining, he is up and moving, and there are glimpses of the old Fat Cat, the high energy, lets get it done attitude. I love that, I love him all wound up and yipping.

Update on the Bakugan search - Angel scored two mini ones! We are still in search of the main one, but I have faith! I may put Fat Cat on it, his luck he would stumble into some store the minute they were opening the boxes! Me, I could be there the moment the brought the boxes in but I would not have any money on me, or not notice them on the shelf!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Game On!!!!

Okay, grandson, you think you are challenging ME? I have played Christmas before, and your father before you, your aunts, your uncles, they have all tried. But you my fair haired kindergartner are no match for me. I have stood in line for the Cabbage Patch, battled the black Friday Walmart free for all for the Furbie, tracked down designer purses, and video games. You think I can't find one? Bakugan or Bust. Game on!!!

(Note, they are not at walmart, not at kbtoys, not at target. Sold out, damn you my little nemesis, I have had to call in back up, Aunt Angel and her faithful side kick Sasquatch - game still on!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Evening Off

For the first time in 6 weeks I am home in the evening. The dogs are thrilled, the kids are happy. Fat Cat, well, he has went into hibernation. He went to court and has a 6 month suspended drivers license and a load of fines. He is so depressed, he has not moved from his chair and easily has smoked a carton of cigarettes. He has sleep all day with exception of Tank making him go get the van out of car jail. In the mean time, I am completely upset with this situation. (I guess sleeping is better than me screaming) I am just about the worst driver, and my vision has gotten steadily worse, making driving at night impossible. Now I am going to have to drive everywhere, and at night, and all winter. I am mad the money I have worked so hard for is gone for something so completely ridiculous. But I am making this about me and dwelling on things I cannot change. Trying to concentrate on the positive. Soldier and his family are an hour away, at her families. Her Grandfather is better but has lost his house and all the physical memories of his wife he buried 15 years ago. Gone are her things, her collections and her scent that still wove it's way through his home and his heart. I am so proud of Soldier, trying to help him, to help his wife through this. No matter how much they grow up they still amaze you like they did as little ones. And now I am going to putter in my kitchen, make up some goodies, and relax!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Horrid Weekend

Frantic calls from Soldier. His wife (who was raised by her grandfather ) received a call that the grand fathers house had burnt to the ground and he barely made it out. They are desperately trying to get up here from GA and poor girl, her entire shaky childhood was rendered to ashes. I spent hours on the phone with her. After working for 10 hours. Which, I have to say was a little frightening because over 3000 voted, and it was so crowded a lady passed out. People were getting upset , today also. They waited for hours.
Then of course my husband. He was not home when I woke up this morning. Mystery solved with a collect call from the county jail, seems getting more beer after drinking a 12 pack was not a good idea. WTF? So tomorrow we have to bail out the van and I work my last 12 hour day.