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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coconut Cake - HUGE HIT

Little switch up today, with my ex sister in law having her birthday party today, so she gets the big old Coconut cake today! There was a fear the birthday party was not going to go well but it was really cute and my cake was a big hit. Her niece did a nice job and the other cake had a picture of the birthday girl when she was 20! Tomorrow mom in law gets her coconut cake (note, this cake has to marinade for 3 days before you can eat it, and i have to love someone to make it because i hate coconut due to an over-consumption of it as a child) when we have her birthday dinner. So little cup cakes about the size of a quarter, a 1/2 dozen of them, was her little bonus for today, while tomorrow those will show up on the door step of my ex sister in law. Very confusing I know!

I loved seeing this branch of my family tree, this part of my history. These sister in laws, their friends, they were the women I admired, and still love in the devoted way i did then. They were fun and exciting and full of life. They still are easy laughs. The type of laugh that travels back to my childhood and makes me warm and safe. I love her so much, so much, that I just want to bake her a cake everyday!

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