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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Huge pissing match between Fat Cat and Tank over getting the Christmas stuff down out out of the attic. Granted, we are talking about one million boxes full of glass ware and treasures, but nonetheless it has to come down. Now I know I could drag my fat butt up there and do it myself, but just like the other jobs, once I do it the job will become mine. If I can inpart one bit of wisdom that was handed to me as a young woman, it is that there are some jobs that you just have to let them do in their own good time, because they will willingly let you do it, no matter how much you complain. If you do not want to do it without complaint then do not start. I do not mow the yard, I do not take out the trash (sometimes if I get up and no one has done it, I have to but only because i pay for the service whether the trash was there or not), I do not climb into the attic and get stuff down.

But it is finally down and I am slowly unpacking all my Christmas Crap as it is lovingly called. We are rolling now!

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