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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cookie Nazi

She has me slaving. But she has done a lot this year already. One day of baking and this is the list so far:
peanut butter fudge
Kisses (a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate Kiss on top!)
Chocolate chip (with milk and dark chocolate, walnuts and pecans)
Chocolate covered peanuts
Chocolate covered Toffiee
Chocolate Crisp (rice crispies in chocolate)
Brownie Balls (if you are good, maybe I will give you his easy recipe that is marvelous)
Brownie Ball Snow Men
Pecan Tarts
Iced Cut outs
Russian Tea Cakes
Baklava (this is all me, no one likes to make this)

And I am on my way for day two!

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