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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Will Love Her Forever

Did you ever have a friend that is better at it than you? I mean, a better friend to you than you are to them? I have many. But one in particular has been my friend since the beginning of time. She has seen me through the darkest of times and never wavered once in her love for me. She held my hand when I gave birth to my son and stood up for me every time I married. She is stronger that steel and solid as a diamond. She has always been the person I called when my heart was broke, I was broke, or when I thought I would complete brake. I have never once felt I was worthy. In fact, I have often felt embarrassed that I could not express how much I valued or loved her back. Her friendship and devotion are debts I can never repay, not by any stretch. I am not an easy person to go through life with; I am constantly in a state of chaos and torment, a roller coaster and a fun house all in one. I can be a drain on a person emotionally, I know it. I have left many good people in my wake of disaster and watched them swim desperately for shore, any shore. There are few constants in my life – in fact she may be the only one now.

And here it is her birthday. I cannot think of what to get her. There is not one material thing that is special nor grand enough. I do not know what to do for her. Even the cake a day for one month would never be enough. How can I ever begin to repay by a simple token? She has everything I would ever be able to give – my heart and my soul. She knows me better than anyone and her faith endures.

She may never know how much I love and respect her, because I cannot show it enough nor big enough.

I love you Laura, forever.


A Musing Mom said...

This is beautiful and the best gift you could give!
Happy New Year!

A Musing Mom said...

Upon reflection, I had a friend just like this and my life sounds a lot like yours! (I say had because our relationship ended this year) Perhaps do something together? Start her on a charm bracelet that you can add to with special charms that represent your relationship? (I like the Pandora bracelets and a friend did that for me.) Write her a letter or poem explaining the significance of the charms you chose and your intention to continue.......Okay, I am rambling now. :)