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Friday, December 12, 2008

And Just When I Thought It was Safe

My Christmas Crap is in the Garage and I am going out and bringing stuff in one box at a time. Now my garage was recently used to paint a car, so it has strong paint smell when I open the door. Last night I started to notice that it has also has a slight haze in it. Tonight as I brought more boxes, I noticed it again, and I start wondering if maybe I am inhaling something I shouldn’t be. Fat Cat always wears a mask when painting. When I go back into the house I wanted to tell him about it but he was on the phone with his brother, and I figured I could get one more box if I just hold my breath in the garage. So back out I go and take a nice breath of my 24 degree air and step back into the garage. There was the light fog again. I grab a heavy box, adjust my glasses…….And realize the thick air wipes off my glasses! I am a giant bumbling idiot.

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