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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night was trick or treat and it was a truly Kracker Barrell night. Zowie brought her mother, who is out on bail, so that was awkward. (She later called and told me her mother told her she was glad we were there for her, she won't worry so much when she is gone. very very sad) Number One and his family came over, the first time we have seen them in a few months. Now Fat Cat and Number One are back on a love fest and have called each other about 10 times today. So there were a lot of kids. George was Obama and he was just so handsome and my heart just melts when I see him. Since I did not make the chili and hot dog buffet I usually do, because of time, and opted for chicken an pizza ($65, OMG- next year, wieners baby) But all in all everyone was happy. Fat Cat was in Halloween Heaven, and collapsed in his chair, (starving, because all the food was sucked up and he did not get any). He loved having everyone here.
And so did I! It was wonderful!

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