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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothing but Fun

Today, Fat Cat had an interview (which, by the way, he got lost on the way and managed to be late by about 10 minutes, although oddly enough he was the first one there) for a part time maintenance position at a rehab. Okay, now this is funny on several levels. My personal favorite is, after two weeks of having to clean house, take care of the dogs, make dinner, and being alone all evening has drove Fat Cat from the comfort of his Laz E Boy. That is all he needs is something part time, he is so bored in his retirement that this may be something that will help him from getting so down. Even if he does not get the job, he is motivated! The trigger was a nasty brier incident with my bushy haired Pomeranian's. They have taking to rolling in them. It is not pretty.

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