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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chaos Continues

Wow, what a crazy last few days. Zowie's biological mother was arrested and things are really bad. Zowie is all upset, understandably, as her mother is 51 and detoxing in a jail could result in a lot of drama. Bail was met, but now Zowie wonders if her mother staying in jail would have forced her to break the meth habit. The whole nightmare has Zowie in tears and frustrated and angry and embarrassed.

Soldier's boy has pneumonia, which has Soldier in tears and frustrated and angry and under the impression that he somehow is responsible for his son's agony.

Butterfly is trying to break it to Fat Cat that her relationship with the Palestinian (who Fat Cat has now named The Sheik, so we are going to call him that from now on because it is just funny) is really serious and announces he is wanting to buy her a ring. Which has Fat cat in tears and frustrated and angry.

Number One's daughter went with Fat Cat and his daughters to the haunted houses, which, since she is just 11, had her in tears and frustrated and frightened.

And I continue to work a bizillion hours a week, which has me in tears and frustrated.

Makes you just want to come visit, doesn't it???


April said...

I'd still love to come and visit!

Miss you all,

The Immortal Woman said...

I wish you could too! Tell you mother to come see me or call, I miss her! Love ya back double!