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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fat Cat's Spin Machine

Also know as, 'oh lord, please let this not be as bad as it sounds':

Fact - Butterfly's new apartment with her "Palestinian" boyfriend is a basement apartment that is extremely cheap and they are not getting cable because it is too expensive

Fat Cat - I think they are just being thrifty and saving money.

(under my breath I casually mention that cable is considered a pretty basic item for most Americans)

Fact - Butterfly tells her father that this boyfriend has a degree and will be getting a job in Texas, so they only took the apartment for 6 months. He is currently working at a beer and wine carry out

Fat Cat- Well - I wanted her to have a rich boyfriend and he will make enough money for her to fly home and see us.

(under my breath I mention that Bin Laden is rich, OJ is rich, not always a good sign)

Fact- The boyfriends mother is coming to see him, she boards a plane in Abu Dabi with her two sons but one is not permitted on the flight.

Fat Cat- She said he has some problems because he got a girl pregnant.

(under my breath I mumble something about they usually just kill the woman, and i think there could be other issues that keep him off the plane. like he is on a list of some kind)

Fact - Butterfly tells us the boy's mother speaks no English and wears a Burka.

Fat Cat - She takes the Burka off when she is in the house, she just keeps it on in public.

(I mumble something about how she is probably measuring Butterfly for her Burka now.)

Fact- Butterfly tells us that his family is very close and he likes to spend a lot of time with them

Fat Cat - Maybe she will get the opportunity to travel, that is something she has always wanted to do.

(i just hope she can get back and I mention that we should probably not give all this information to Soldier )

I did have a thought, maybe we can get a couple camels and a goat for her. Fat Cat did not find me amusing.

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