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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stink in a Cloud

13 hours in a pair of, lets say - affordable, dress shoes, has proven to be more than my feet can take and they are literally rotting away. At least that is how it smells, and although my dogs (the real canine ones, not the clumps at the bottom of my legs) LOVE the results (and I do mean love like in the humping crazy panting way). In an effort to defuse the stench (i do not want anyone calling the police to tell them there is a decomposing body in my cubicle at work) I took today's shoes and put some nice corn starch baby powder inside. I slipped my little black shoes on and off to work. As I walked from the parking lot i actually caught a whiff of the powder, mixed with what now took on the smell of a dirty baby diaper. I looked down as I walked and with ever step I took a small fluffy cloud of White puffs from my shoes. Petite little white poofs of mist that are covering my black shoes and ankles. Great. Very professional don't you think?

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