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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Horrid Weekend

Frantic calls from Soldier. His wife (who was raised by her grandfather ) received a call that the grand fathers house had burnt to the ground and he barely made it out. They are desperately trying to get up here from GA and poor girl, her entire shaky childhood was rendered to ashes. I spent hours on the phone with her. After working for 10 hours. Which, I have to say was a little frightening because over 3000 voted, and it was so crowded a lady passed out. People were getting upset , today also. They waited for hours.
Then of course my husband. He was not home when I woke up this morning. Mystery solved with a collect call from the county jail, seems getting more beer after drinking a 12 pack was not a good idea. WTF? So tomorrow we have to bail out the van and I work my last 12 hour day.

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