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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a day!

If my job trainee asks me one more time, ‘how do you figure it out?’, I am going to crack him in the head with my keyboard. (You want to know how I am figuring things out it is because i am not an f&^*&^*&ing idiot! The guys on the floor used to call him Forrest, like the Gump, because he just could not get anything including a joke.) While he is fumbling through the so called instruction, and telling me how I am wasting time providing too much information, my boss is praising his quick thinking. OMG I feel so bad for my poor customers. My Boss's little boy toy is not the sharpest stick in my eye and he has signed up for ’the customer is always trying to rip us off’ school of customer service, which is now the accepted policy of my department. I just do not understand it. If I call somewhere and I hear that attitude in a tone, I get instantly defensive. And honestly, if someone thinks I am trying to cheat them, it is because they are a cheater themselves. Liars suspect other of lying, thieves suspect others of stealing from them. They are this way with my customers, with other departments, and other employees. It must be painful to live like that, to always keep your back against the wall because someone will be waiting with a knife. I will be so glad to be away from this. I am just not conniving enough to be able to out think them.

Actually I have been too busy trying to come up with something special for my mother in law’s and my ex sister in law’s birthdays this year. I have come up with an idea, I want to decorate cupcake’s like real birthday cakes and give them one a day through the month of September. If eating cake on your birthday is supposed to bring you luck for the year, then eating a cake every day for a month out to really be a knockout! I can make the cakes up ahead of time - different flavors- and then ice them for my husband to delivery daily. I really do not think it would be that much work and my be kind of fun for them.

So if I am not in prison or fired for knocking over a file cabinet on my coworker, I think I may starting plotting my cake-fest 2008!

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