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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aww The Irony of it All

Spoke with Number One last night. Have not seen or heard from him since the soldier’s party at our house. I called him, I get frustrated but still love him, and I do miss him, just not all the drama. And of course there was drama, they are moving again (for the second time in barely one year), he and his wife are not getting along all that well. His main problem seems to be his step son - ‘he breaks everything and says he did not do it’ ‘he lies’ ‘he does not do what he is told’. I know I am supposed to be an adult and not blow pop out my nose when I laugh, but this was about the most hysterical thing I have ever hear.
Fat Cat came home from work one day years ago, sat in ‘his chair’ and the arm of it fell completely off. We went out to dinner one night came home, went to put the garage door up and it collapsed as the inside of the garage was completely burned away. Our car and number one disappeared when he was 15. It is only just recently that I have had forks without bent prongs. Lawnmowers, glasses, bowls, VCR’s, toilets,….. The list is never ending, we had 3 of those terrors. There were very colorful stories like when the school called and wanted me to come talk to the counselor about how we could throw out a 16 year old boy so he could live in his car! I asked them if they thought it odd that he was driving a car we paid for, eating the lunch I packed him, and sitting at the dinning room table right now waiting for me to hand him a snack? How about when one of them claimed to be going to school but really sat somewhere else? And not doing what they are told to do? I have a list of things they actually did when I told them, I read it over every once in while to remember my fleeting moments of control.
I amused myself through the rest of our conversation, I amusing myself all evening with the whole thing.
But to Number Once, all I said was ‘he’s a boy, that is what they do.’
What he may not realize is the most important thing he and most boys have broke, a lot of hearts.

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