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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Part Two

And then the saga continues! (this will make little sense unless you read the previous blog)

Twas the morning of their departure, they were out of sight
Not a sound we were making, quiet was a delight.
Not a aunt nor an uncle were able to move
And both were quick to take a deep snooze.

Fat Cat grabbed his coffee and nestled into his chair
I cleared a spot on the couch and a calm filled the air.
And the puppies both curled up for some slumber deep
And even the cat came out of hiding to curl up beside me and sleep

When out in the driveway there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my cushion to see what was the matter.
Through the door their mamma came with a crash
And all of our quiet was gone in a moment flash

The anger was all over her face as she screamed “OH NO!”
And bellowed the words “The boy broke the window!“
“Soldier said no touching the switches but the boy did not stop
Now the window is down, it will not come to the top.”

With me, little memaw, now so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it wasn’t a trick.
They have missed the funeral and now probably the wake
And all because the window has experienced a brake.

"Mamma, Call the dealer, now call the shop,
No more yelling at the boy, you have to stop!”
This should not happen, it should not be this tough
When is the ever going to be enough.”

Soldier just wanted his inlaws to see him with some class,
And now he was stuck with a new SUV with broken glass
He was heart broken and ready to scream
He was only praying it was all a bad dream

And I in my selfishness could not get it through my head
Why a new window would suddenly go dead
How long will this take to repair?
About the time, I really do care

I have realized during this very long week
That vacations are better spent amoung the meek
And that watching 2 children under the age of four
Is more than what a memaw has asked for.

And I am so tired beyond belief
That their trip away is a relief
And I am so exhausted that I could puke
And now an SUV is making me a dupe

I love them all with every inch of my heart
They are angels, I don’t know where to start
But I am out of practice and worn to the core
And I cannot handle it one day more

So I made a call and begged for assistance
Hoping that there will be no resistance
And after two more hours the window is good to go
Although in appearance, I just do not know

Seems they cannot fix it the right way
And decided to hold it up for a day
With duct tape it is on mend
I am sure a soldier that did not want to offend

But his heart is broke , over this new car
And I again only can think of me so far
I want to have my bedroom back and sleep a complete night
I know that this attitude is just not right

But it is what it is, and that is the honest part
They are on their way after numerous starts
And now I am sitting all alone
I may have to call them on the phone.

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