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Monday, August 18, 2008


Super Memaw List of ‘To Do’s’ for the past week

10. Show that snotty receptionist at the doctor’s office you do not really need that refill you have been calling about for two days, and just go completely off all medications for the week.
9. Work 60 hours worth of work into 40 because you have been on vacation for over a week and are so far behind that you might actually knock a stack of papers over and not be found for another week
8. Babysit for our soldier and his wife every evening while they shop, sleep, watch movies, and / or go to dinner
7. Clean up after two small children and several adults while they shop, sleep, watch movies and / or eat the dinner you have either ordered in or prepared
6. Alternate between sedating your husband while you have houseguests all week and listening to him bitch about having houseguests all week.
5. Watch other grandchildren while the siblings can visit.
4. Entertain your in-laws - and of course their dog- most evenings
3. Try to keep your own two little 4 pound dogs from defending themselves from small children with sticks, stumbling adults, visting dogs, and a short tempered soldier with a knife.
2. Prepare to move to your new position, only to be told that you are not going to move for another week!
And the most important “to do”
1. Bake cookies and make chocolates (including hand painted chocolate strawberries and monogrammed Oreo’s) for 200 guests to a wedding (the same one where you made the mother of the grooms dress - see previous June posts)

I have been a little busy, but it is all done!

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