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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What are men doing here!!!!????

Yesterday was a little rushed. We had a baby shower to go to in the afternoon, but we realized at 10:30 AM the party actually started at 11:30. (Note, it is a shower for my ex brother in law who is the same age as my son, never mind, this is a another whole list of characters .) I had taken a big dose of cold meds (I have been buying so many over the counter cold medicines that I am sure I am now appearing on some list of suspected meth cookers!) in an effort to get a nap in before we go to the shower. I was actually all hopped up on the Sudafed all during the shower. Angel gets ready, I wrap the package, and we bolt from the house. ½ hour late really was not too bad, everyone was still eating. (note, we were totally talking about going to Applebee’s after the shower because we think the momma to be is a vegetarians or the stricter ones, and we thought the food was going to , well, uh, suck. I apologize for this judgement. They are also pretty well off and sometimes the expensive high class food is very, well, tiny.) The food was not bad at all, of course I always think that mine is better, but really no complaints. I was a little concerned also because it was a shower with men at it. Okay, I am old, this is different and I do not understand why men have to be there. I have to admit, I like all girl functions. Little prejudice coming though, but it is like ‘they’ are intruding on my fun. But actually I get it now. The father to be was all into being a dad and the baby stuff and he looked adorable all 6 foot macho Italian holding all those tiny little pink clothes. And I have to admit that it was more comfortable having the person that I know, which was the Dad, there to talk to. Of course, how happy he and his parents were that we came, made all the difference in the world. I love my ex in laws. They always make me feel missed and welcome and they love my children. They are as kooky as me and embrace my craziness as i embrace their quirks. I am glad my ex father in law was allowed to be there. (note, I think the other men were there to watch their children while the wives enjoyed themselves. So I get it now. the kids were all playing outside with the dads. Very nice idea, I totally get it now!) Even stoned on Robotusson I felt really at ease, or because I was stoned on Robotusson. (Note, Angel had to go buy the presents because I was so sick, she bought double of some stuff because she has another shower to go to. I apparently did not remember that through my Halls haze and put everything in one box. She is a little irritated at me.) I had won a flower and I am glad I went. The whole excitement of the party wore me out, I tool a Nyquil nap.

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