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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My son comes home July 11. Now we are just counting the days.! Pretty soon they will tell us to stop mailing, because they will be getting ready to transition. I have several companies (of course, not the one I slave for ) that have had a list of 12 soldiers, my boy included, that send packages every so often. Lots of my friends have sent notes and items. In fact I have been seriously impressed by all those that genuinely wanted to do something to let a soldier know that they were appreciated. In case anyone is wondering what they can do, let me give you some seriously good suggestions.

1. Get the name or names of soldiers through relatives of soldiers or family of soldiers web sites
2. Even if you do not know your soldier personally, cards and letters . Mail is always good. Not sure what to say? Print off some of those jokes in your ‘In box’ , ones in good taste would be preferable. Humor is key. Keep it light and funny, such items as holiday cards, video game and sports articles.
3. Magazines. You may want to have them sent to you and forward them on to the correct address. Some magazines will not allow you to send to an APO address. Keep in mind though, the location will determine what kind of content will be allowed, if you know what I mean.
4. Packages are a huge treat! Make sure the items included can take being baked at 150 degrees. Nothing that will melt. Coffee creamer, candy, gum, beef jerky, and a personal favorite, socks. Boots all day in the heat will rot the socks off these kids. Hand sanitizer, baby wipes, zip lock bags, foot powder (again with the rotting socks) , and good deodorant soaps. Don’t worry if your soldier will like everything you send, one of his bunk mates will!
5. If sending to Iraq, there should not be any alcohol, any pornography, nor pork products.
6. For the ultimate in fun, pick a month ( I choose Halloween, October, for my son) and hit up every person you can think of and have them send a card or what ever they can send, all month long. It became fun for all the senders too, cards were sent out from ‘dead celebrities’ to aliens.
7. Do not expect anything in return. This is for them, not for the thank you. They do not have time to write you back. You will hear their ‘thank you’s, during prayers or the quiet time at night before you sleep.

The point of all this is to encourage you to take 10 minutes and send a note to a soldier. Sometimes being at war is extremely lonely. My son has shared with many that never received packages. He will be coming home, but there are many other mother’s sons and daughters there. Alone in so many ways.

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