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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It is not just another day

So it is that time of year again, and every time I think it will change
When my mind becomes so clouded and my feelings so strange
I cannot stay focused, beneath the surface is just a river of tears.
At the very core of me, I am just a child faced with my greatest fears.

After 10 years, you would think the pain would dull
When I lost her I was an adult after all
I should not feel like this, I have children and a life that is my own
But this simple holiday makes me feel so all alone

Every day I miss her and think of her in some way
When I am making dinner or remember something she would say
There are little tunes and silly songs we would sing for fun
So many times I want to tell her about something my kids have done

I am jealous of my friends that have their mother’s still
And I want to tell them how special they should feel
How precious are those moments that I wish I could share
When only your mother would listen but now she isn’t there

My heart aches for children who have suffered this loss in their youth
I cannot imagine their pain and how they deal with that truth
I am not sure how they ever feel safe and not stay apart
When they have suffered tremendously with such a broken heart

So when my children ask me what I want on my special day
I have an idea , I know just what I will say
I want them to be thoughtful and kind, my answer is clear,
To those who are without their mothers who they hold so dear.

Take this time to make a call or send a card or a smile
Let them know you remember they will be sad for awhile
And let them know they are not alone, that you are there
And that you know their loss is painful and that you really care.

And in Heaven that mother who waits patiently above
Will smile down upon you with such a gesture of love.
There is no greater gift you can truly give a mother
Than to show kindness and compassion to one another.

(For Pauline, who loved a poem with all her heart! Happy Mother’s Day)


A Musing Mom said...

What a beautiful poem. I lost my mother at 14 and my father at 17. Mother's Day always makes me think of her, but more importantly, makes me realize the importance of creating memories with my own each day.
Thinking of you.

Diana said...

Very Beautiful..
Thanks for the comment on my blog about my mom. She was a special lady..I am sure your mom is smiling down at you:)