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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Part Two, THE DAY

How to make your Own Mother’s day special

1. Send your mother in law flowers at work, sign your husband's and your bother in law's names so that she is completely thrilled that her sons are so thoughtful.
2. Get up at the crack of dawn and clean the house, because your in-laws will be coming over and your husband spent all week ‘thinking’ about what to do about Mother’s day.
3. Since everyone will be there at 2:00,wake your husband up at noon so that he can run around screaming that it is raining and the day is ruined because he cannot cook out in the rain.
3. Locate the golf umbrella to prevent your husband from melting.
4. Pour yourself some juice and add ice from the freezer, where you have carefully placed your vodka for a little kick to that juice.
5. Get out the side dishes you have made while you were up early and had time between the laundry and vacuuming
6. Eat several slices of cheese cake that you bought because ‘your mother in law loves cheese cake’ while you also have another cheese cake in the fridge for later in the evening.
7. Sit at the table having ‘juice’ while you watch your husband do dishes - by hand!

How to know you are a Special Mother having a wonderful day

1. Your son borrows a cell phone and calls you -- FROM IRAQ
2. Your two step daughters send you a card that arrives before the holiday
3. Your daughter in law calls you at 12:01 to be the first to wish you Happy Mother’s Day.
4. Your two oldest call you to tell you they love you and are thinking of you and wish they could be there.
5. Your two children at home manage to get almost everything from your wish list (and some other thoughtful items) and keep giving you WRAPPED gifts all day!

But the very best thing about Mother’s day, when you know it really is your day-
- Life time movie channel - all day, no channel surfing!- and a big box of tissues!

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LJ said...

This is the universe. Please hold. Your mother's day happiness is very important to us.