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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Evening Off

For the first time in 6 weeks I am home in the evening. The dogs are thrilled, the kids are happy. Fat Cat, well, he has went into hibernation. He went to court and has a 6 month suspended drivers license and a load of fines. He is so depressed, he has not moved from his chair and easily has smoked a carton of cigarettes. He has sleep all day with exception of Tank making him go get the van out of car jail. In the mean time, I am completely upset with this situation. (I guess sleeping is better than me screaming) I am just about the worst driver, and my vision has gotten steadily worse, making driving at night impossible. Now I am going to have to drive everywhere, and at night, and all winter. I am mad the money I have worked so hard for is gone for something so completely ridiculous. But I am making this about me and dwelling on things I cannot change. Trying to concentrate on the positive. Soldier and his family are an hour away, at her families. Her Grandfather is better but has lost his house and all the physical memories of his wife he buried 15 years ago. Gone are her things, her collections and her scent that still wove it's way through his home and his heart. I am so proud of Soldier, trying to help him, to help his wife through this. No matter how much they grow up they still amaze you like they did as little ones. And now I am going to putter in my kitchen, make up some goodies, and relax!!!

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