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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lucky SOB

So just when I am about to ring the neck of Fat Cat for all the fines and frustration over this latest escapade, some random guys shows up and wants his car fixed. I can't say for sure he will get enough to pay for everything, but at least a chunk of it. So the garage is full of a car and stuff to fx it, Tank, of course, is helping (sidebar - seems Tank and his girlfriend are on the 'outs' - he is drowning is pain with a seriously nasty addiction to Reeses Cups. There are wrappers every where, in his Jeep, his room, the bathroom, and in his laundry. Could be worse.) Well, the money is not in hand yet, I am, as usual, holding my breath. In my constant search for the silver lining, he is up and moving, and there are glimpses of the old Fat Cat, the high energy, lets get it done attitude. I love that, I love him all wound up and yipping.

Update on the Bakugan search - Angel scored two mini ones! We are still in search of the main one, but I have faith! I may put Fat Cat on it, his luck he would stumble into some store the minute they were opening the boxes! Me, I could be there the moment the brought the boxes in but I would not have any money on me, or not notice them on the shelf!

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