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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yeah, That's Right, I'm HOT

I'm suddenly popular! (And there was not even anything nasty involved like when ...... ah, never mind) Seems theMom at Attentive Aphorist finds me quite entertaining. And re-ramblings hit me with an Eight Ball and now I have to try to do them at least some justice!

Which will not be easy because well, basically am a big old duffus
today with some sort of dingbat syndrome that I cannot seem to
shake. ;
To theMom, thank you repeatedly for the award and the shout out,
I am working on my list of recipients and will announce soon. It is
always great to be mentioned in the company of those you know, you do
make me feel honored.
And now to Re-Re. my new BFF, this list is dedicated to you:
8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. The Soldier and His Family coming home this summer
2. Mother's day (okay, I admit it, I like being the center of attention!)
3. Going to the Flower Factory
4. Swimming in the cool pool on a hot day = soon please!
5. Laughing so hard - that I almost pee
6. Quiet time before I fall off to sleep, in about one hour
7. My daughter's wedding
8. My son finding someone to make him happy

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Got up and did not smoke (I have to praise my self hourly for this)
2. Ate brauts for lunch, I love them, I cannot even explain it, but I could eat them everyday
3. Said prayers for my ex-brother-in-law, who is struggling now I am sure
4.. Got home and cleaned house, hate doing it, gotta do it
5. Took the cover off the pool with the family
6. Did not scream at Fat Cat when he criticized my pool cover removing technique
4. Made 5 dozen spectacular chocolate covered strawberries to take to work
5. Ran to the store with Fat Cat, to ponder whether we really need to buy more summer outdoor stuff
6. Did not kill Fat Cat for buying more summer stuff
7. Punished Fat Cat by making him make his own dinner (cereal - fruit loops)
8. Scooped up my little fat dog and cuddled with him
8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Sing (stole this from ReRe, it is a good one!)
2. Hit the lotto
3. Retire early and do nothing (or be Fat Cat, either one)
4. Give my daughter the wedding of her dreams
5. See a whale swim in the ocean
6. Put money away for my grandchildren's college
7. Go to Disney
8. Walk on the Great Wall
(I could really make this a long long list!!!)
8 Shows I watch:
1.Anything on Bravo! (Real Housewives, Millionaire Matchmaker, etc.) Also stolen from ReRe again! Because it is a great answer!
2. Lie to Me
3. Criminal Minds
4. The Naked Archaeologist
5. Nancy Grace
6. Chelsea Lately
7. City Confidential
8. Forensic Files
(I look at this list and realize I really need to go back to therapy!!)
I have thought entirely too much, I have to crash!

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