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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shout Out to Those I Love

Now for the list of those that I shall bestow my blessings. The 8's - as you can see from the post below - require you to become list makers and pass to 8 more. For this I send to those I have followed and those I will be following and need to know so much more, the list will enlighten us! Here are my 8 and they are requested to list 1) 8 Things I'm Looking Forward To 2) 8 Things I did yesterday 3) 8 Things I wish I could do 4) 8 Shows I watch and then send to 8 friends!

wang-alangers Diane, always makes me smile
Ideally Me, Mary is an inspiration even if she does not realize it!
Kooky Cat Guy 'cause he has fun photos
my three boys Thinking of her a lot right now - I heart her
A Musing Mom because it seems like she needs more to do (LOL)
Idealic Scenic Images mainly so you can stop and see these pix
The Dreaming Tree and these are gorgeous too
robot nine because he is a hoot
Thanks all!


Diana said...

I am glad I make you smile!!! I will try to do the 8's this weekend..thanks for stopping by my blog:)

April said...

awwww, I heart you too!!! Sorry I didn't comment sooner, we just got cable in our new house!! I'll get right on my post. . . tomorrow. For tonight, I'm going to bed. It's been a long week. 45 hrs. of work in 4 days. Glad it's the weekend!

Happy Mother's Day!!

The Immortal Woman said...

Congrats on the new house!!!!