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Monday, May 11, 2009

No One Loves me Like a Buster

I know this is really lame, but my stupid dogs just totally make me smile. They are basically just fur balls with teenie tiny little brains, but they adore me, unlike no other. They are always waiting for me to get home, always running to jump into my arms, always ready to curl up at night. There was a phase in my children's lives when they looked at me like that, but before I could blink they were teenagers. I do sometimes see glimpses of that look in their eyes, maybe a little yesterday. My husband used to look at me with all that love, hoping up and down, panting to see me. Not so much any more, now hopping up and down would cause him to pant. Now that look is reserved for a big plate food or when he finds candy bars in his cookie jar. But with the dogs, they remain forever in awe. Of course, when they are near me no one else can get close or they will be bitten, and often there is a nasty fight among them for best position next to me in bed. Okay there was a time when the kids fought to get my attention. And then there is the never ending barking. Like my husband basically. ......... OMG, I have replaced my family members with animals! I need help.

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themom said...

Dogs and pets make for a nice "comfort zone." Nice turn around I would say.