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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who is That Woman????

I have died my hair brown. Only because the natural color is gray, I am tired of being blond, and my daughter likes it brunette. I have really given up on caring what I actually look like. Not that I resemble a bag lady or anything, and I have not abandoned all personal hygiene. But that reflection in the mirror is not me. It is my much much older sister, sort of, kind of resembles my mother, and just may be Aunt Be, but there is no way that old woman is me. I am still like 32, which is about the last time I actually remember seeing myself. I am still wearing those size 5 jeans and still look great in a bikini. That woman needs a mu-mu. I do not know exactly how she got here but it ain't me and it ain't pretty.


uniqueygirl said...

I really can't believe that. How can you be any older than your thirties when I am only in my twenties? But if you look like anyone it would be Angel, I think...and I would love to say I look like my granddaughter who is beautiful beyond anything!!!

A Musing Mom said...

I started counting backwards at 40 - I figure, by the time I am 80, I'll be in diapers anyway! :)

April said...

Oh please!! You are beautiful!! I thought it when I was five and still do today! Don't be so hard on yourself. It's not allowed. LOL