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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Flowers are Gone!

I put flowers on the graves for Memorial day, a pleasant NOT task I took over after my mother past. I know a lot of dead people, so I get a lot of flowers. I get the same geraniums in little pots and then pick them up at the end of the holiday. After a fantabulous four day weekend, took off Friday, I went to gather them up and found the ones on one set of my grandparents graves were missing which was odd until I found they were also missing on my other grandmothers. Felt a little creepy. Are times that tough that someone has resorted to stealing plants off graves? I took myself a look around, because frankly, i paid real money for my plants and an eye for an eye and all, the grave yard owes me some freaking flowers. I notice not many potted little plants are left around the cemetery. Obviously it was just not me that had been violated. Ugh. Fortunately when I went to the next cemetery the plants were still intact. But lesson earned. Beautiful little plants need to be actually planted - retraining to get them may no longer be feasible.

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themom said...

There have been many incidences of purloined cemetary flowers around here. Are people just hard up - or thieves at heart? Sorry for you hard earned efforts being thwarted.

love the word verif: gethit