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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today Show Boil Over

I do not know if anyone saw that totally insane Ann Coulter on the Today show yesterday, but I did and I have been boiling ever since. Basically she blames us women as the fault of the decline of America. (Funny, I must have missed the female CEO’s that went to congress for Bail out money.) She so cleverly explained that prisons are filled with men (what Ann? Men you say) that were raised by single mothers. Since these men could not possibly be there because they decided to use, sell or steal drugs or because they choice to beat, abuse, rape, or kill women, I am sure the single common denominator is their single mother. I sure you will not find any commonality in their economic circumstance as a child. (But I am sure we can trace that back to that lazy good for nothing single mother) I am sure that since all wages are distributed fairly and their mothers surely made as much as any man. And I am sure their mothers had good day care readily available while they worked. And I am sure their mothers had bosses who totally understood that a sick child was more important than the task at hand. And I am sure their mothers were supported unconditionally by the Baby Daddy. What Ann? That does not matter because it is the woman’s fault? Ok. So it should not matter that the baby daddy will rather MURDER her than pay child support (Do ya watch the news at all???), so it should not matter that if she is bamboozled into a marriage that is abusive and is MURDERED when she tries to leave (Can you say Peterson? I will let you pick the first name.) My God, it is open season on women out here in the real world because these men are frustrated and broke and you have the nerve to blame US for the state of America??? We are just trying to get by day to day and we are responsible because we are out here alone and broke??? Ann, just because you have not had to struggle to get a $35 a week child support payment from a man making three times what you are making, or because you have not had the joy of trying to find someone to pick up your sick kid from school so that you do not have to leave your job yet again, that does not make you amazing. Economic times are getting worse, and our kind, dear Ann, are the ones that will suffer the most, while good old boys will look out for their buddies, and we will be on the chopping block for layoffs because we miss work because of those damn kids. And some bosses will use that opportunity to bring up how we should be more appreciative. And some of us will be wondering what and whom we will have to do to keep our jobs or our roofs over our head. No Ann, it is not women and our fatherless bastard kids that are running American into the ground. Because a woman would not have been stupid enough to take a jet to a bail out request (at least not our own). Because a woman would not be dumb enough to outsource all of the jobs and then wonder why no one can afford to buy our product (we are too much control freaks to rely on someone else to do the work where we cannot see it.). For heavens sake Ann, go talk to your mother, because your education and your style tell me she made huge sacrifices for you, whether your father was there or not. And you skinny beeyatch, eat a cupcake, get over your self and go hug a kid.


A Musing Mom said...

Well said.....Brilliant, in fact!
Now I am boiling too - as I returned home tonight to four kids and no water as I could not pay the water bill in time!

The Immortal Woman said...

I dwelled on it all night, the crazy woman got me all steamed up! I just want to poke her in the eye! I hope the payment catches up with the bill! As always, you are in my prayers (I will push the one out of the way where I was praying Ann got a giant face zit.)

themom said...

Thanx for the visit to my blog. As for Ann Coulter, wo(man) that she is supposed to be, gets me so fired up I sometimes need meds. Matt Lauer and Harry Smith tried to put her in her place and she just rambles on about liberalism again - ad nauseum. Her facts and statistics re: single parenthood and prison correlation does not wash. Why anyone gives her credence is beyond me - she just makes things up to support her ultra-idiotic-conservatism. We liberals are responsible for everything "wrong" in this world according to the man - er...woman.