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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fighting my way through the day

Very bizarre last few hours:
Lots of snow and ice, but made it home from work without incident which was amazing since I am a MaGoo behind the wheel. Stopped and got gas and chips and dip on the way home, ready to stay in for the night. Then Fat Cat has some sort of freak out and has to leave when I get home. I am parked behind him and instead of him moving my car to the other drive way he tries to squeeze it beside the van and buries it in a ditch. WTF? My neighbors, than k God, were quick to come and help me, swooped in like snow ninjas and whished off into the night!
Colder and more snow this morning. Ran out with dogs on my heels to start my car and chip a layer of Ice off the windows. (my rear window defroster does not seem to be able to keep up!) All the sudden I see a thick angry dog standing in the road. Like a hound from hell it just stood defiant. Of course my little princes, have no clue from hounds of hell, they start barking and prancing and all I can do is scream and try to get them back into the safety of the house. Just quickly enough . I stand in the house looking out at the hound, which is now between me and the car and my way to work. And my keys - laying in the snow from the flaying about. F&*^*^ it. I open the door grab the snow shovel and whip it around like a samurai warrior. This hound could be rapid. I am not taking any chances. I send that thing running without having to bash it’s poor little rabies infested brains in. Ok, maybe it was not that vicious but it was seven in the morning!!! WTF?
So I am now running late and get to my desk just as I realize I do not have my shoes. I am stuck with my old lady Totes, which are fur lined and already making my feet sweat and I do not even have my coat off. I cannot take them off because nature is not my friend - I could really cause a mass panic that cyanide is sneaking in the office. I have fat cat bring my shoes at lunch, but I forgot to tell him I needed socks, and of course he would not think of that on his own. WTF?
I need a vacation.

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themom said...

That sounds like the beginnings of an awful day. Hope today is better...albeit colder than a witches tit!