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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Tough Kracker

I have told you there are some tough MFer's in my neighbor hood. But I think we have the winner. A crazy som-bitch blasted his wife to death with a shotgun (open season on wife's that attempt to divorce their husbands is obviously still going strong), then he held his four year old hostage while the SWAT team arrives. After hours of negotiations they broke in and blasted the 6'4" giant of a man (another possible Sashquatch) with less than lethal bean bags,known to knock a grown man back about 5 feet. Nothing. Not even a phase. The sniper was told to shoot. He gun jammed. One of the officers shoot a 9mm at his head, hitting him mid-forehead almost between the eyes. IT BOUNCES OFF! After a surge of cops and wresting the buy yells 'was that all you got you pussies! " Great. These are MY people. I do not know what type of cromagnon this guy was, but OMG. Tank has been talking to the cops, his friends, and it is as it sounds, bizarre. Krackers are thick headed, literally!


themom said...

OMG!!!!!! I'm scared! Just an aside here...Ann(gag) Coulter was on The View today and between Whoopi and Sherri - dressed her down royally!! Luvin' it!

The Immortal Woman said...

Would have love to have seen that! She needs a big old tall glass of shut the &*#$%% up!