It is my home, my neighborhood, and my history. It is what I am and where I came from. Embarrassing? Yes Boring? Never

Friday, January 30, 2009

He is gone ==== for now

What does a woman do the first night after her husband leaves her
1. Gets a french bread pizza and pecan sandies
2. Uses the remote to watch, well, nothing special or for longer than 15 minutes
3. Worries about how she is going to pay her bills this month
4. Sits in the quiet house and screams until she throws up = how did it come to this?


themom said...

Somehow, you will survive. Pull yourself up and OUT!!! Learning to get back to the independant stage is tough, but well worth the hassles.

A Musing Mom said...

Thinking of you. I've been there. It's a hard place to be, but time heals all wounds slowly, but it does.