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Thursday, January 29, 2009

At Least It is Quiet

The screaming has stopped, Fat Cat is somewhat subdued. I think he is relishing the fact that the kids are not here. Tank is still at his friends (note, he forgot to take any pants with him, what a hoot, he had to go buy a pair!). Angel is with Sasquatch, I know she is safe with him. (I am the luckiest mom, I do not have to worry about her, he is a good man). I have taken to my bed, staying out of the line of his firey rants and cuddled up with my puppies. I humiliated myself at work, by bursting into tears repeatedly. My drama is all I could think of. Reason number one million why I cannot keep this up. Soldier called, Fat Cat is probably going out there for awhile. Soldier is not happy about it. Number One called, he is worried about us. I am concerned too, if I can just get through tomorrow without a complete nervous break down.

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