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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What The Hell Happened to All My Food???

So yesterday i get a call from Zowie freaking out because her daughter was rear ended on the way home from high school. She was at the emergency room and on the verge of a break down. Both of them actually. She just wanted to come home and be taken care of. Both of them. So I said sure, come to the house we can have dinner and you guys can relax. I called Fat Cat - to warn him of the impending horde arrival - and who answers? Number One! He was there having something to eat. (note, the sudden visits of Number One to our house coincides with his upcoming birthday, hmmm, coincidence, I think not)

Now I cook a lot on Sunday to get us through the week, and prep/plan my meals for the week. The kids are not unaware of this, and if they arrive hungry, it will more than likely be a Sunday or Monday, when the options are many and the bounty plentiful.

So I am calculating in my head and know that there is probably not enough side dishes now, what all i can make. I get home, and start spaghetti, which is always a favorite and I have meat thawed so that should be easy. I am still in my work clothes when they begin the grazing. I had a 7 lbs pork roast, about 8 ears of roasted corn, 6 roasted nut cracker potatoes (very good and neat trick I will tell you about some day) left over from Sunday dinner, one pound of spaghetti, sauce with beef , a big salad, a veggie plate and of course bread and butter.

With Number one, Zowie and her 4 kids, me, Fat Cat, Tank, and Sasquatch (who was helping Tank with his jeep and is always always welcome for dinner) me and Fat Cat, I was down to one ear of corn, (note, zowie had to come back to pick up the grandson, and had him run in and get the last ear of corn, 'to go' I told her this was not Pop-eyes, there was no 'to go' but wrapped it up for her!)no potatoes, one lunch Tupperware full of left over spaghetti, possible 4 pounds of pork, no salad, and a big dent in my fresh fruit (forgot to mention i had cut up a pineapple and a watermelon). Then poor Angel comes home from work at 8 and a little hungry......

So I have huge guilt and offer her bacon cheese burgers, which she loves. The bacon draws in Tank and Fat Cat like truffle sniffing pigs. I made 6 burger patties, one pound of bacon, and lots of cheese. By 9:30 it was gone. All gone.

Tonight, we got carry out. Just me and Fat Cat, and I had no other food thawed / prepped to cook! We ate a weeks worth of groceries in a night! Damn, maybe it was Pop-eyes!

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