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Friday, April 17, 2009

OMG, it is the dreaded snack tray!!!!

I have some sort of snack tray phobia, not so much the actual tray but folding it back up. It is a bi-fold fear, like the stupid engineering treachery device legs. A) I am afraid I am going to grab the the wrong one, force it closed, break the thing into a million pieces, thereby ruining any chance I have to eat in front of the TV again in my entire life and might have well thrown the $20 I spent at Walmart down the toilet. and B) that I may pinch my finger or fingers in the legs while closing it, and either have to wear a snack tray on my hand the rest of my life, thereby ruining my career as a ninja, or losing a digit, which of course would be the middle one and hampering my driving capabilities tremendously. Or worse yet, just barely pinching it and getting one of those weird looking blood blisters that seem to freak out people because they look like a big old bubonic plague boil. Sometimes I just resort to balancing a bowl of cereal on my knees, and fighting off the stupid dogs with one hand, rather than wrestle the TV tray. Or I could eat at the table.

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themom said...

Let me say "been there, done that!" It doesn't take much for me to harm myself one way or another.