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Friday, April 10, 2009

Traditional Holiday Freak Out

Lord Knows I cannot have a holiday without planning too much for myself and overdoing it. I am sure there is some disorder that I could take a pill and stop spinning myself into a fit, but I have no idea what it would be, because the sickness is entirely wrapped up in the holiday. First it is tax time, and I of course wait until the last minute, because I hate it and use avoidance to resolve that hate. Now I am completely stressed over it. We have Easter, which up until Fat Cat decided to retire, I always used as a gift giving, basket making, over spending, creativity testing, themed holiday. Since then I have dreaded it because I have not done anything. The benefit I now see is that those who only attended for the gifts (I will let you guess as to those parties) have respectively declined the dinner invitation. Weeding (no pun intended) out the true believers so to speak, leaving me with people that really just want to be here. So this year I have decided to reward them with a little creative holiday treat. It should be cute, and if it works well I will pass on the (ingenious) idea. Then there is the actual dinner, which is hard to judge on the quantity, because I have a fluid guest list, of those that 'think' they will be here, and those that 'might not eat' because they have other stops to make. I have revamped my menu at least twice, shopped twice, still do not have all I need, and will either have way too much or not enough. What ever. (please note, I should be making stuff right now in preparation, but I am sitting on the couch, ha ha, yes, I will be spazzing about 4 today!) In the mean time it is also my brother in law's birthday. Now this is tough. What do you buy the person who can buy themselves anything, and does, they want? You can't do it. So what then do you do when you have creativity exhausted all ideas? But know that you have to so something great, because you do love him with all of your heart, and you want to give him at least of all a memory that may top, the home made quilt you did, the Mexican theme that was fantastic, the entertainment package, which is still brought up because it was a huge huge hit. So I have a plan - and I am very excited - but it is a little involved, and overwhelming, and of course too much.

I took the day off to work on all of these things, and am still sitting on the couch not doing anything because I am a bum and tired. Did I mention I have also decided to quit smoking - again? great timing, and really not helping! I am already plotting a way to not quit, what an addict! but I am down to 4 a day which is huge!

No pressure today, I just have to clean my entire house and fix a meal for 15 and get my projects done, and finish my taxes, ...... I think I need to eat, and what is this show -- maybe I will start after I watch this.......


April said...

no matter what you do or don't get done, I'm sure today will be perfect. Hope you have a wonderful easter.

The Immortal Woman said...

Hope the bunny blessed you with fun!