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Sunday, April 5, 2009


They are grown these kids of mine, but for those few hours last night they were 12 years old again. I turned back time with 6 dozen eggs and 4 varieties of egg dying magic. The best 10 bucks I have ever spent - $.99 a dozen eggs and clearance dyes with stickers (Camo ones, slightly lame I have to admit), hats (kind of like Santa hats, just a little bizarre - yellow not red but with white trim), Marble (these are a difficult for adults, but about every 5 years PAAS pulls me in because I forget the level of work involved) , and glitter (Damn you PAAS, you fool me on this one too, messy and sticks to everything, In fact this morning I asked Tank if he was too close to a dancer or if he was dying eggs.). George, the grandson I have spent the most of my time lately, joined in our fun, and he was in awe of men (as in Uncle Tank and Uncle Sasquatch) dying eggs like kids. It was not a kid thing to do, it was suddenly fun and cool. I love that these adults still can be children. I love that I really can turn back time. (even to the point there was a slight altercation of who's egg was in the green) It was wonderful

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April said...

Love, love, love dying eggs. Bet you had a blast and it sounds like the kids did too.

Mom still (as of last year at least) insists on dying eggs too and every year JR, at least, always joins in.