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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Recovery

Fat Cat did the dishes all up today, as a way to make up for the shitty attitude yesterday. Didn't work. Shitty attitude is contagious - I got it now.

Easter was utterly great, Number One showed up with family for a cameo appearance. Food was spot on, thank you, all 19 eaters were fat and sassy. And my brother in law was absolutely thrilled with is birthday presents. (I did a "Golden Child" theme, that include a cake with "The Golden Child" on it, 10 gifts wrapped in all different arrangements of gold wrappings, with these notes about "the golden child" with comments from his brother that were, I have to say, freaking hilarious even though they were actually written by me just in his colorful yet profane way.) I love when I get it right. Does not happen that often so I am patting my own back.

Sasquatch showed up - surprising Angel who was prepared to spend the say sans date. He had the most beautiful flowers I ever saw and made my baby light up like a pumpkin on Halloween. He is pretty good that big old Yettie.

Tank has been all talky lately and I am loving that also. My family is amazing and wonderful, too bad Fat Cat cannot see the beauty of it all.

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