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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things that Were Wrong with Today

1. It snowed and my defroster seems not to be working = I am sure that will not be a problem in Ohio in February
2. Tank got home from cop-job at 2 am, and left his loaded pistol just hanging in his room = I am sure that will not be a problem in this lunatic asylum
3. I worked my ass off and feed my family pizza for dinner because I did not feel like actually making the chicken that is defrosting in my fridge - I am sure that the chicken blood oozing from the freezer bag will not cause any problems
4. Fat Cat sleep all day- I am sure that is not a a sign of any impending problems
5. I cannot find Angel's W2 - not a problem for me, but may be for her
6. My dogs are fighting constantly all evening, as I dream of an apartment that does not allow pets.
7. Tomorrow is payday and I still have money in my purse -although some would consider that not a problem, I can tell you that could very well mean I have forgotten to pay for something, or get something, or do something that I should have, so that is a problem looming in the background

But on a positive note, my friend and I are having Chinese for lunch tomorrow and I am going to see my oldest (ouch, not oldest, longest, major friend faupax there) friend this weekend. So it is all good. I cannot wait.

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themom said...

Sounds like a "typical" day to me. Much like my own sometimes.