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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Weekend Gone

So I did practically nothing yesterday still numb from my Doctor appointment and the other, not getting some good news any direction. I went to the grocery store, etc, which just made my foot hurt. Butterfly and Bo Peep showed up because it was Fat Cat's birthday. I usually have a gala celebration, but that is not going to happen - I think everyone was aware of that. So they took him out to lunch, and gave him some 'Party Supplies' (I am 'white trash', while partying with your daughters is perfectly acceptable behavior) They stayed an hour, maybe, and left, but he got his party stuff so he was all happy. Then my MIL and Brother in law were taking us all out to dinner for his birthday, I went, not to celebrate his birthday, but I wanted to make sure Angel and Sasquatch had an opportunity to talk to my brother in law, in hopes he may help get Sasquatch a new job. Fat Cat was short fused most of the night because it was crowded and not the place he would have choose but he was not paying. (Then my toilet broke, sweet, you just love to reach in the tank to flush, no body is going to do that - got to get that fixed!!!) Tank ran around all day getting the rest of his uniform ready for his job as Dudley Do Right. He also moved his TV home, and everyone is acting as if all is okay, accept for me, I am a constant angry bitch to be honest.

Today, Fat Cat has literally slept all day, all day, which of course is not something one would do without a hand full of sedatives. I am of course sans vehicle, so I puttered all day. I have made:

3 loaves of banana bread, (i bought a bag of nearly rotten bananas for $1 and I had all the general stuff already)
Chicken Salad with grapes (also bought a bag of chicken legs, $5.00 for 10 pounds, we will have chicken this week, over and over again!)
A pot of homemade noodles with .... chicken
and now a lemon meringue pie from scratch because i have a pie crust I had thawed and had to use up.
Fixed the toilet (not in order of actual accomplishment - and Tank helped)
Did two loads of laundry and put it away, which is in my opinion the worst part of it,
Did two loads of dishes
Read all my favorite blogs
Went to church, felt great, the guy behind me sang really loud and really well, it was fun, I think I am going to get involved in something, the food pantry may be a good way or bake sales, I need to put my nervous energy to use.
Made a pitcher of brewed iced tea
And worried about my stupid foot.

Tomorrow is jam packed, I actually have 3 appointments and since Friday's went so well, I just can't wait!!!

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